Empowerment Made Manifest™
Dates TBA
A fun filled life-altering 2 days to reclaim your birthright, stand in your power and let your spirit soar!

Women only!

There is a goddess inside you that wants to be set free.

As women we do it all and more. Now, more than any other time in history, women have become super beings. We are wage earners, mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, caregivers….you name it and we do it. And for most of us we still never feel like we do enough or are enough.

And much of the time, we give up bits and pieces of ourselves until there’s not much left. We give it to our husbands, our boyfriend, our kids or our jobs. And we look to others for recognition and acceptance to tell us we’re okay.

We have lost touch with our power and who we are.
Do any of these fit with you?:
  • Do you feel like you don’t count?
  • Are you uncomfortable asking for something you want and desire?
  • Do you say, “It was nothing” when someone gives you a compliment?
  • Are you always the “nice” one?
  • Are you not sure who YOU are?
  • Do your family, your partner or friends talk over you?
  • Is there a deep part of you that feels wounded and has felt this way for a long time?

This is an incredible opportunity to experience a safe space to confront the dragons without
judgment in an atmosphere of compassion.

To be with other women who know how you feel.

To witness, to accept and to honor you and your feelings.

During these two days you will:
  • Learn how to let go of the things and beliefs that are you holding you back…stopping you from feeling free to express yourself.
  • Discover what you need to do to stand in your power as a woman of value
  • Unearth all the places you’ve given your power away and go through a process to get it back
  • Learn to set boundaries and enforce them in “her-way”
  • Find out how to stand in your power in a relationship and let the goddess shine thru
  • Forgive yourself
  • Discover your voice and speak your truth.
  • Find out who your Goddess is.
Free yourself of the wound (s) you’ve been carrying

I’m going to offer this workshop at the Full Price as well as a chance to get in for a Special Pricing

Normally the price for Empowerment Made Manifest™ is $395.00.

But you don’t have to pay that.

If you’re ready to stand in your Power and set your goddess free, please join us in May for this amazing experience.

Who Is Debra Fentress?

Debra Fentress is a Life Change Catalyst coach and creator of Neuro Pathway
Restructuring™. She has been working with assisting clients and students for over 15 years
to create lives of love, joy and happiness on a moment-to-moment basis. Debra is known
for her experiential and fun seminars as well as her ability to hone in quickly on a client’s

· Master Trainer of NLP
· Trainer of Time Line Therapy ®
· Certified Hypnotherapist
· Creator of Neuro Pathway Restructuring™
· Certified Spiritual Counselor
· Published author

Location: Ventura County


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