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Whether you celebrate Christmas, Yule, Hanukah or any of the other many traditions in our world, this time of year is when thoughts turn to the concept of giving and receiving.


For many this is only reflected in the act of exchanging and receiving gifts. For some, it might be to donate time to a favorite charity or organization and for others; it can be as simple as seeing the season thru the eyes of a child.


Whatever your tradition, the act of giving and receiving is loaded with all kinds of emotions and expectations. Do we give out of a true desire to bring happiness to another? Or out of a sense of obligation? Do we give in order to receive? Are there strings attached?


And on the receiving end: are we worthy enough to receive? Can we receive joyously without guilt? Can we receive the true full meaning of the gift?


What about the rest of the year? Have we given where needed and have we received our desires?


Why is giving the prominent theme of this time of year? Could it be that we need to be reminded to express the voice of our soul? Our true essence is of Spirit manifesting through us joyfully, generously and unconditionally. We tend to lose this awareness as we go through our days filling them with the "have to's".


Our have tos, musts, needs, shoulds become our mantras. Instead of being we are doing. Doing, doing, always doing. Our soul becomes subjugated to the background; maybe allowed out on a Sunday if we go to church or if we meditate.


I think this season is to remind us that we are more than a doer---we are a being. A Human Being---a soul expressing itself through the vehicle of a body. We are here to allow that expression of the very essence of who we are and what better way than to give of ourselves.


Through giving, we express that which is in us. Through giving we allow the true generosity of spirit to come forth. It's been said that it is better to give than to receive. Those who do so know this as truth.


Maybe this season we could put our desires aside for awhile and "be" the expression of the soul that we are. Maybe we could look for ways to give of ourselves to others. It could be taking that extra minute to speak with someone. Or remembering to thank anyone who helps you. It could be shutting down the "monkey chatter" of the mind and really listening to a friend or loved one without worrying about what you'll say next. Little things mean a lot---go out of your way to help someone---no expectations on your part.


Pay attention to others: we are all starved for undivided attention. A large percentage of people I work with say that what they really want is to be loved and accepted. What if we expressed that acceptance and love towards others? What if we put away our judgments and saw the "divine spark" in each person we come in contact with?


So this season---give the greatest gift of all—yourself. Give your love, your generosity, your joy and your energy. I guarantee you'll be rewarded.


May your holidays be blessed!



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