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Be Your Own Champion

Be Your Own Champion!


 I don't normally follow sports events except when something special is taking place like Lance Armstrong winning the Tour de France for the 7th consecutive year. What's even more amazing about it is his bout with testicular cancer in 1996. He was given less than a 50% chance of survival as the cancer had metastasized and spread to his lungs and brain. Three years later after going through an aggressive form of chemotherapy, he wne on to win his first Tour de France!


I did a little research on this athlete and discovered that even as a child, Lance was obsessed with details. After a ride, he would go back to the house and write down all the details. Now it's a way of life for him.


For some of us, attention to details can become overwhelming.

Yet, it was this obsession that paid off big time for Lance.

His motivation, focus and detail orientation made him a champion

and someone who many look to for inspiration in their own lives.


If we examine the attributes of his success, we can learn several things to assist us:


  • First, he clearly identified his goal: winning the race.
    He didn't want to come in 2nd or 3rd, he wanted First Place, and he wanted it this year.


  • Second, he was motivated with a strong desire to win, no matter what.
    He was willing to do whatever it took to increase his odds
    of winning. He really wanted to win.


  • Third, his attention to detail.
    He checked and rechecked everything. He also tested and made adjustments accordingly. Nothing was left to chance. He also planned for all contingencies.

   This attention to detail flowed into all aspects of his life. He got the proper nutrition,
   kept his weight at the ideal,
and made sure he got the rest he needed.



  • Fourth, he always focused on the outcome.
     In his mind, he won the race. No other outcome existed.
    During the race, some of the photographers commented on his "stare". It was like there was nothing in the world but that race for him.


  • Fifth, he was persistent in his pursuit of the goal.
    Everyday, he kept at it. Regardless of how much time it took him he persevered. Even tired, cold, hot or fatigued, he kept at it.

For some this may seem a daunting task. I guess the bottom line would be how much do you want something. We all say we want things to be different and yet how many would be willing to go after it the way Lance Armstrong went after First Place?


So the next time you think you want something, ask yourself if you want it enough to be like Lance. If the answer is yes, then *you* can Be The Champion in your life!


© 2005 Debra Fentress



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