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Creating Our Reality

Creating Our Reality


As a seminar leader, trainer and coach one of the questions I'm asked the most is: "how do I manifest what I want in my life? I've read all the self help books on affirmations, visualizations and creating abundance and prosperity---but it's not happening." The common answers (and they're correct) are to decide on what you want, write it out as a goal as if it's happening right now, visualize or meditate on the outcome you want experiencing it fully and keep your thoughts positive. All of these work except there are a few key pieces left out that make the difference in getting what you want.



First we have to fully understand how the Universe works. What is going on out there in order for us to affect it? Most of you have read or are familiar with the work going on in Quantum Physics in regards to the Zero Point Field theory. The Field; what we commonly call the Universal Field is a vast sea of energy affected by the exchange of energy particles. These quantum particles, actually packets of energy, appear and disappear in the Field dependent on the exchange of energy taking place. What happens in that exchange is of interest to us. For in that exchange, we affect the outcome. Experiments done with electrons or photons have shown that our observations of their behavior will cause them to behave as an expected wave or an expected particle. In fact, John Gribbin, In Search of Schrödinger's Cat, tells us it is the very act of observing something that causes it to pick an option, which then becomes real.


Accepting the implications of the wave particle experiments of light that nothing in nature is certain, only probable, gives us a clue into how we affect our reality. These experiments tell us that The Field of energy that we are made of and surrounding us is literally a vast sea of probabilities waiting to be acted upon by some form of "exchange". This "exchange" can be our intentions and thoughts we use to direct these bursts of energy in The Field. Dr William Tiller has experimented with Intentional Imprinted Electrical Devices (IIED's) or black boxes that were imbued with specific intentions by experienced meditators. His results are that not only can we affect reality with our intentions; we can also capture those intentions and use them at a future time.  These IIED's were sent to a different lab where the experiments were carried out over a two to three month period. Regardless of the time span involved, the target environment was affected as desired.


Therefore, your intentions and thoughts affect the probability of your desires taking place. These intentions and thoughts are themselves forms of energy—energy in the form of vibrations. The stronger you can make the vibration the greater your probability in creating the desired effect. The Universal Law of Attraction says that "like attracts like." Unfortunately, we often miss the mark due to unconscious beliefs and issues surrounding our desires and our vibration levels go down. We unconsciously project the opposite of what we want. This is what was meant when the ancient ones told us that we create our reality. We truly do affect the world outside of us by what is inside of us.


Before we can have what we want, we must deal with those unconscious beliefs, thoughts and fears we are projecting out into The Field. But how do you know what's happening. First, look at your life. It's been said that our external world is a mirror of our internal world. If you're not actualizing your desires, then something is going on at an unconscious level.


One way to begin to find out is to write out what you would like. This can be something you want to have, to do or to be. Be very specific—so specific and simple that a five year old would understand it. Next, create a picture in your mind of that desire. Make it so vivid and compelling you can feel it as if it were real. Now, notice how it makes you feel. Are you uncomfortable in any part of your body? Do you have thoughts like, "Not likely, never happen to me?" "Maybe someone else would be so lucky." "I can't do this." Do you feel like giving up? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you probably have some unconscious beliefs and/or fears which are sabotaging your chances of getting what you want. You will need to expose and deal with these unconscious blocks in order to fully create the life you want.


Many options are available to expose these blocks. I believe it's important to find the modality that works best for the individual. Once this is done, you're on your way to manifesting your desires. Remember, intention and thoughts are energy. Keep your focus on your targeted desire. Energy will flow wherever attention goes. As they say in Star Wars, "May the Force be with you".



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