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Do Something Different!

Do Something Different!


As Freud put it, we have an Id, an Ego and a Superego or to the ancient Hawaiians, it's the Lower Self, Middle Self and Higher Self. Either way, we have an aspect of ourselves that acts out our beliefs, directions and thoughts. One way to know what's going on inside of us is to look outside at our lives because the Low Self or unconscious mind will bring about those things that we think about the most or believe. Unfortunately what often happens is people create their own prisons. Again, this is done unconsciously. Few would deliberately narrow their lives and keep repeating unwanted outcomes.  Inside each of us is a drive to lead lives of joy and happiness. It's just that sometimes, we become our own jailors.


As a success coach and trainer it's interesting to me how people actually verbalize their own prisons. For instance, I was listening to a woman the other day talk about how miserable she was in her relationship, how she really wanted to move out and be on her own and she knew her partner was not going to change. She then said that she guessed she could change everything (and this is where her "jailor" came in) but she had a young child, she didn't make enough money to move, her child was in a private school and might have to change, she didn't know if she could get work somewhere else, and on and on. There were a myriad of reasons why she couldn't change things in her life.


What's really sad about the whole thing is that if she was willing to do something different, she could change her whole life.  And that's the crux of it---doing something different than what you're used to.

Many things keep us from making the changes that deep down we know we need to make. For some it's fear that the desires won't come true and then where would we be. It can be a belief that we're not worthy enough to have what we want. Others might fear that they would actually get what they want and not know what to do with it. And then there's always the understanding that if we change one thing, we might have to change many things.


So, we create our own prisons. And we get very comfortable and familiar with our "box". In fact, some even orchestrate their entire lives around their box. Every decision or action is based on the parameters of the box. These boxes or prisons we create are kept strong by the beliefs we have about them. Every time we act according to the "box", we strengthen it. Over time, we can forget that we created the box and that we can un-create it.


So if you want something better than what you have, you will need to do something different than what you have been doing. As Einstein said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." With all the advances in quantum science, most of us are familiar with the Law of Attraction--that like attracts like. To utilize the universal forces at our disposal we need to become like that which we want.

One of the ways you can begin to create change in your life by tapping into the Law of Attraction is a simple technique from N. L. P. ( Neuro Linguistic Programming) called "Acting As If."


1)Begin by deciding on how you would like your life to be. 

Maybe you'd like to be in different line of work or live in a different area.  You could want to be slimmer or fit. You might want to own real estate or be a painter.


2.) Take a piece of paper and list the different things in your life you don't like or want changed.

Across from those entries, write the opposite or flip side. These entries must be about you; something you can do, be or have in your life. We can't change anyone else, only ourselves so it's pointless to focus on someone else changing for us.


For example, you write "I'm 20 lbs. overweight". The opposite would be: "I am at my ideal weight and in great physical shape". Or you might write: "I am miserable in my relationship". The flip side of that would be "I am in a relationship where I am happyand fulfilled".


Remember, this is for your eyes only so get it all out no matter how large or small. Make sure you write the flip side of how you want it.


3.) Next, categorize the items and group them accordingly.

You might have Health and Fitness, Career, Finances, Relationships, Family, Spirituality, Fun/Creativity and Home to list a few.

Write each category and the desired results on a separate page. As you look them over, you will probably notice a common theme. There will likely be several common entries focused around a single outcome.


4.) At the bottom of each page, write a paragraph describing your desired result.


5.) Studying each desired result, think about how you would be acting if this result were true right now.

What would you be doing that is different from what you've been doing? Or, how would you have acted/behaved to have achieved your desire?

Using our example of the relationship, you would be happy and fulfilled.            

What in a relationship would give you a feeling of happiness?

Is it being treated with respect? Someone helping out? Someone listening when you speak? Or could it be you doing some of the things that you love but have put aside?


6.) Having identified how you would be doing things differently or have done them differently, you begin to act "As If" you are that person. 

One of the best ways to have this technique work is to Play-Act. Just ask yourself, "If I were (fill in with desired result) how would I act or handle this situation?"


 "If I were someone who was treated with respect, how would I handle a situation where someone did not treat me with respect?"


"If I owned real estate, how would I have acquired all these properties?"


"If I were a painter, what would I be painting?"


Now, begin to Act As If you are that person and do those things.You can start with small steps or make great sweeping changes.


Either way, you'll be doing something different than you've been doing. That alone will create change in your life!




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