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Giving Thanks

"Giving Thanks"


Thanksgiving---it’s almost here. That word---break it down and you have “giving thanks”. How many of us do that on a regular basis? Do you ever stop to think about what you have in your life to be grateful for?


If you want to manifest something in your life then you must be thankful for its presence as if you already had it. You have to fully understand that in the conception of the desire, you have created the desired object. At least in the quantum nature of the world. Therefore, by being grateful for its presence then you draw it to you.


Many people find this the hardest part of manifestation. But then they often find gratitude hard to express as well. We are in a society that constantly tells us to get more, buy more; that bigger is better. More is better. With this attitude we don’t even have time to be grateful for what we do have. Of course, what we do have isn’t enough.


And for some people, they aren’t enough. They need to be thinner, younger, older, prettier, and richer, own the better house, the better car, the better watch. And then they too will be enough. So if we’re not enough and we don’t have enough things then how can we be grateful?


And it goes on and on. We strive to get more to make up for not being enough. We’re still not enough so we buy more and more and we’re still not enough and on and on and on. Where does it stop?


Where do we say Enough! I’m enough. I have enough. I am grateful for what I do have. For my health, my child, my partner, my life.


Sometimes we get what we want and then after awhile we begin to find fault with little things. We get into a relationship or marriage so in love and thinking the other person is perfect. After the bloom wears off we begin to “see” little things that annoy us. Comments are made and even arguments get started. Eventually, we drive away the other person—the one who thought we loved them unconditionally. Instead of being grateful and appreciative of what they do bring, we look for things to gripe about!


When we go into that space of gratitude it opens up something inside of us that connects on a deep level with Spirit. Gratitude is more than just giving thanks; it’s an opening of the heart. It lets us know we are worthy to receive. For many, this is a core level issue in their lives—to feel worthy enough to receive. If you begin to practice thanksgiving for all that you are and have, that feeling of worthiness will increase exponentially.


If you live to be 85 you will have lived 744,600 hours (give or take a few for Leap Years). What would our world or your life be like if for one 24-hour period you spent it expressing gratitude wherever you went? What if you expressed to each person you came in contact with at least one thing you are grateful for in them or something they do? What would happen to your world and the people in it? Can you do it---for 24 hrs?


Think about it---how would your world change?




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