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It's All About Choice

"It's All About Choice"


You've probably heard the expression—"Life is short, make the best of it." I heard another one that made more sense to me—"Life is too long to be miserable!" Every single day you get to decide how you want your life to be. You get to choose. We don't often think this is true. Stuff happens in our life and we react to it emotionally. Sometimes, it's good stuff and that's great. But what about the not so great stuff.


Growing up, I was always one of those passionate and sensitive people. I felt deeply about things. When I was a child my mother would tell me I wore my heart on my sleeve. I believed that if you didn't feel strongly about things in your life, it wasn't worth living. What I didn't get was that I was "choosing" to feel strongly about things. I was "choosing" to get upset, angry or sad. And it seemed there were a lot of those times of feeling down. Something would happen and I might think about it for days. Or I would run scenarios over and over in my mind. All the while feeling bad.


Unfortunately, we tend to do this in our society. And what's really strange is that it seems much easier to access bad feelings than happy ones. Guilt is a good example of how we choose what we feel. When you do something, you can choose to learn from it and vow to never to do it again or you can choose to feel guilty about it. The feeling of guilt is not from the action you did but rather from your choice to feel the guilt. The emotion can't change the behavior nor does it affect whether you do it again or not—only your choice to never do it again affects your future actions.


Our world is a mirror of our choices in thoughts, feelings and actions. Let's suppose two people go to the same party. One has a great time and the a lousy one. Nothing special happened to either one—they just perceived things differently. The only difference is that choice of perception. Same party, same people, different perception.


You can choose how your day, your life and your world will be. You have the option of hanging onto sad emotions and memories or refuse to dwell on them. I'm not even suggesting letting them go—just stop dwelling on them. Change the way your thoughts are running.  Think of something else, something positive. Have you ever been around someone who goes on and on about some event that happened years ago and they're still moaning and groaning about it. It's still affecting them as if it were happening right now!!! All you want to say to them is "Enough already. Get over it!"


Every time you let your unconscious (subconscious) mind control your thoughts which in turn control your feelings you are being that person. Why not make a choice to do something different—think something different—be different. You're here anyway, why not choose to be happy. After all, it's your mind.



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