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Letting Go

Letting Go


Many of you know that we are in the process of a move to the beach.

Megan, my daughter and I often laugh and call ourselves gypsies as we have moved so many times in the last 10 years. Moving to me is as natural as breathing. I grew up in a military family so we moved about every two years. To survive, you quickly learn how to adapt and make the best of it.


For some, moving is traumatic. There's the whole process of packing and unpacking, figuring out where everything goes in the new place and adjusting to a different environment. Others, like me find it to be exciting! New places, new things and new people to meet.


As the lovable creatures that we are, most of us like things to stay the same. Somehow, it seems safer that way. Our unconscious minds resist change because it appears to be a form of death. Whenever there is a change in the status quo, we must let go of something and we humans are great at hanging on. After all, to let go means we might lose something. We just don't always get that by letting go, we stand to gain so much more.


A funny example of this was presented to me the other day. We have a puppy, not quite a year old, who loves people. She seems to think that she was put on this planet to love and be loved (kind of nice approach to life). Anyway, a friend came over and right at that moment, my daughter had given her a dog biscuit. So here's the puppy, standing at the door with a biscuit in her mouth and there's a new "friend" to greet. What a dilemma—does she drop the biscuit, so she can welcome her new friend but therefore possibly lose it or does she eat the biscuit and risk missing the opportunity. Back and forth she went, trying to decide. It was hilarious to watch and also indicative of what we as humans do all the time.


Do we hang on to the old just in case? Or do we let go, therefore creating a void that the Universe will fill. How many of you are hanging on to "stuff" just in case or out of a fear of letting go and moving on in your life?


If we are to fully live our lives with intention, we need to occasionally evaluate our life on all levels-need to occasionally evaluate our life on all levels---physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We can look at our outer life as a metaphor for what is taking place on an internal level. The "stuff" we hold on to is a great mirror of how we are living at the moment. Evaluating our life and then purging or cleaning up allows us to release those things which no longer serve us and/or are draining our energy.


As we move into spring, many of us begin to think in terms of "spring cleaning". Instead of just cleaning, why not do a through housecleaning inside and out. Look around your living space and notice those things you've been hanging onto. I'm talking about more than physical objects. Look at unfinished projects which take your energy because every time you see them or think about them, your energy goes to the lamenting that you really need to get onto it. Or how about any relationships in your life that don't serve you and actually may be hindering you. Maybe it's time to cut the ties and move on. Are you hanging on to a relationship Because "another may not show up or you don't feel you

deserve better?"


If you begin to think of your life in terms of energy, you may find this whole process easier. For example, let's say someone gives you energy and you feel better thinking about them or being near them, then that relationship is probably good for you. If on the other hand, you find your energy depleted, you feel bad in their presence, or you find yourself avoiding them, then it's time to Let Go. This works with people, places or things. Ask yourself —"Does it give me energy when I think about it or do I find my energy drained?"


Remember—the Universe abhors a vacuum. So let go of the inessentials and make way for that which you truly desire and start manifesting the life you really want!



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