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Neural Pathway Restructuring™ Certification Workshop for Coaches

Have you ever worked with clients, gotten the change and then discovered they have generated problems in another area of their lives?

We see this a lot with clients who deal with abuse,

trauma or PTSD.


As I worked with these presenting problems it became obvious to me that we were working with more than just negative emotions, limiting beliefs and memories. In fact, we were working with the very strategies that define ourselves and our approach to life. These strategies were reinforced in our brains and went as deeply as the cellular level.

Not only do we generate neurological pathways of behavior in our brain, we become addicted to our own brain chemicals.

Just as an addict must get high off an external chemical, we too can be addicted to a behavioral strategy which releases the sought after chemicals. If our behavior is of a positive nature then we never worry about it. But, if the behavior is undesirable, we may try all manner of interventions to change it only to find we’re replacing it with something else.

Neural Pathway Restructuring™ has been clearly defined as a viable process to create lasting change in dealing with behavioral strategies.

NPR restructures the neurological habitual pattern of behavior so much so that is impossible to run it again even if you tried to. When utilizing this technique with someone we have to “warn” them they won’t be able to access the behavior ever again and are they sure they want that!

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Ancient Wisdom Modern Magic


There is a movement sweeping the planet right now---a return to the original teachings.
Many have a knowing that there is more than what they are experiencing and that the answers may be in the ancient teachings.
People want to:
  • Know about the nature of reality
  • Discover their purpose
  • Gain a spiritual understanding of the world
  • Understand how to connect with that greater "something"
  • Develop Personal Power as well as Personal Empowerment
  • Enrich their sense of self and their place in the world
  • To discover their True self…..their soul!
Shamanism!!!........the oldest spiritual practice known to man.
Every single culture in the world has practiced shamanism in some aspect.
Shamanism is so widely used and intrinsic to the culture that it may be a genetic memory. We connect to it because it connects to our souls. Shamanism goes beyond lineage.……..it's a part of us
"Connects you to the universe and yourself so that your Soul is freed."
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How to Generate a Successful NLP Practice
A personalized program to help you be a successful NLP Coach!
Yay!!! You got certified as an NLP coach. Now what?
You’re certified as an NLP coach and you’ve got your business cards. You’ve even hung your shingle but you’re not making the income that your trainer alluded to in the training!
You’ve told everyone you know and practiced on your friends and family until they are running when you approach. You also probably tried everything you can think of to get clients……..to no avail.
Unfortunately, this is common with grads of NLP.
I’ve designed a Step-by-Step 3-month program to enable you to put your NLP skills to work in a coaching/therapeutic practice.
This is a full-on support and accountability program so that you can immediately begin seeing clients while honing in on your “dream” practice.


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