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Time For A Little

Time For A Little Housecleaning?


Most of you when I speak of housecleaning will think of getting out the dust rags and vacuum cleaner and tackling the removal of a winter's worth of dirt. What about the housecleaning inside?


Just as our earth goes through cycles and seasons so do we. We make changes in our lives, adjust ourselves accordingly and then go about the business of getting used to those changes. And then we plateau—the changes we made become an ingrained part of our life.


Instead of coasting and taking the easy road, now is the time to see if we have gotten complacent in some areas. Particularly in whether we are "settling".


Settling for relationships that aren't what we wanted or hoped for. Settling for being treated in ways that actually hurt us when we allow ourselves to be conscious of it. Settling for lives that consist of getting up in the morning, dressing, going to work, coming home, watching the T.V. and then back to bed----never really paying attention to the passage of time.


Settling is the unconscious mind's way of avoiding the possible unpleasantness or uncomfortableness of change. "If I don't think about it then I don't have to do anything about it!" it cries. And life goes on until one day we wake up, get conscious and ask the proverbial question: "Is this all there is?"


Oftentimes we settle because we don't want to hurt others. We may be unhappy in a relationship and stay because "how could I leave; it will hurt her/him so much?" The sad truth is that by staying you may be keeping the other person from finding someone who would be ecstatically happy to be with them.


Settling causes our souls to speak to us in the middle of the night; waking us with unsettling dreams. Or it can catch us off guard with a longing so strong it threatens to bring us to our knees. We can see someone living their fulfilled life and the yearning to do so pierces our hearts.


Our soul continually speaks to us----pushing us toward our true expression of who we are. Because that is why we're here. To be all of us that we can be. To live, to learn, to love. To do anything less is to deny the Divine Spirit that we truly are.


When will you listen to your soul speaking? When will you know that you are truly Divine and can be, do or have anything you choose?


You can begin by asking the right questions. Questions like: What do I really want? Do I have it right now? If not, then what is preventing me from it? How do I go about achieving it? Am I happy? Am I doing what I love? How can I start doing the things I love? What is it going to take? Am I willing to do whatever it takes?


If you ask these questions and let your soul respond you may find that the Universe begins to bring you ways and means to fulfill your soul's purpose. It will be as if your path is unfolding before your eyes. And all you have to do is Show Up!


May you find your purpose and live your life with Love, Joy and Happiness.



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