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What Do You Bring?

What Do You Bring?


It's May, it's May---the lovely month of May!"  (From the musical  Camelot) That's such a happy song of joy and life. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could live lives of joy? In working with people I've noticed that there are those who live life and those who avoid living life. And there are some who like to suck the life out of others.


You know who they are. You're on the phone with someone and hang up feeling drained? Or you're in a group having a great time and someone else comes in, starts talking about how they're sooooooo tired or sad and before you know it, everybody's depressed?


You just experienced the "energy vampire".These people are like  "Pigpen" in the Peanuts cartoon who walked around under a cloud  of dust spreading dirt everywhere. Energy vampires go around spouting doom and gloom and they're real quick to share it with you. In fact, we have a saying about it---misery loves company----and these guys want you join in on their pity party.


Now at times, we all get in a funk. They come and they go. Energy vampires seem to always be in a funk, depressed and feeling bad. If we spend enough time with them, we too can get to feeling sad or worse feel sick.


But what if you're the energy vampire? What if you're the person who others walk away from feeling like the life energy has been pulled out of them? Have you ever considered how you come across to others in different situations? Do you approach life with energy or do you drag your feet? Are you one of those people who talk in low tones, barely able to get out the words and movement is slow because it's so much effort? Or maybe you're the guy that only sees the negative in everything around you. The world is a big bad scary place and everyone needs to be aware of it!


I think of this as What Do You Bring---what do you bring to life?  Because how you approach life will dictate what kind of life you get. The Universal Law of Attraction tells us that like attracts life. So what you focus on, how you act and what you feel is exactly

what you will draw into your life.


But what if you're feeling blah and lacking energy? What do you do? If I was seeing you as a client the first thing I would have you do is what's called a Resource Anchor. An anchor  is a stimulus applied during an intense associated state linking the two neurologically. Good examples of anchors are found in commercials. For instance  the commercial where the guy sings "Zoom, zoom, zoom" and you know it's about………………… Or the feeling you get when you hear your mother say your name in that certain "tonality". Even Stop signs are anchors. We don't have to see the word "stop" to automatically react to the sign.


A Resource Anchor is an anchor to bring up intense positive feelings that overcome any negative feeling you might be having.You can do this yourself: Think of a time in the past when you were really  motivated. As you think of that time, imagine you can go right back to it and see what you saw, hear what you heard and feel what you felt. Really get into the feeling of being totally motivated. Let it be as intense as you can. Now, make a fist with your non-dominate hand. Hold it for the count of 5 and release. Great! Now go back to a time in the past when you felt totally confident. You couldn't fail and see what you say, hear what  you heard and feel what you felt. Again, make it as intense as  you can. Now, make a fist with your non-dominate hand again. Hold it for a count of 5 and release.


This time, go back to when you felt totally alive and filled with energy. You were in the flow and had it all going for you. As you recall that time, see what you saw, hear what you heard and feel what you felt. Make it intense! Then, make that fist again and hold for 5 seconds.


If you want, you can continue to do this with different intense positive emotions that you felt in the past. Good ones to use are excited, totally loved, happy, and even hilarious laughter. As you experience each one, make that fist and count to 5!


Now, the next time you feel out of sorts and grumpy, take a minute and make that fist. Odds are, you'll feel better immediately.



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