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Who Are You?

Who Are You?


Who are you really? Have you given much thought to that question?


You might have gotten answers of I'm a woman or a man, a wife, a husband, boss, teacher, mother, father, child, daughter, son, brother, sister, etc. You're all those and more.


Who are you? Who or what is the essence of you? Do you know?


Have you ever stopped the whirlwind roller coaster of life and really thought about it?


Who are you …..?Your essence---your soul……? Who resides deep within you who is immortal? Who is there always observing? Who are you?


If you ask yourself these questions long enough you can get beyond the superficial surface answers that first come up. Then, you begin to delve into that place within that is seldom traveled.


And why don't we go there?


Some say it's because we're afraid of the darkness we'll find. Others say it's because we're afraid of the greatness we'll find. Maybe it's both. Or maybe it's because the unconscious mind hates to let go of its hold on us. To do so would mean we'd have to change! And for many, change is frightening.


Who are you? As you go beyond the obvious, imagine you can go inward a little deeper. To the core of who you are. When you get there you'll know. There is a feeling of watchfulness and calm centeredness.


Now, …………who are you?

Let the feeling expand. Notice that you can actually feel a presence………you!


Breathe………who are you?


One of the reasons I think we may be afraid of the darkness or the greatness is our sense of being alone.


As you continue to focus on the presence……….breathe……..notice you aren't alone……the presence is there.


Again, now, who are you?


If, like myself you seriously follow this path, you will come away with a sense of who you are truly. The essence…..the soul of you…….your signature. For there is only one you and that essence is luminous, radiant and beautiful beyond words. You will come away changed in a profound way.


If you find this exercise of value, please give it to another. Pass it around. Share it with those who may be feeling alone. We are all light bodies remembering ourselves-----pass it on.



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