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Your Higher Self

Your Higher Self


Have you ever had those times when you feel like you're up against the wall and don't know what to do? There just doesn't seem to be any way around an obstacle? In NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) we call these "stuck states" or "stuck no options." Not a fun place to be. It's like being in a pit so deep you can't see over the sides.


The problem with this state is we're so in the emotion of what's happening that we don't or can't access our other resources. We become unresourceful. Not only do we have a hard time coming up with options but if someone gives us an idea, we come back with, "Yeah, but." By being so immersed in the emotion of the situation, we allow our reactive mind to control us.


The trick is to pull out of the emotions and get a different perspective on the issue. To use the metaphor of the pit: the more we spiral down into the negative emotions, the less ability we have to see a bigger picture. Let's say you are walking down a path one day and come upon a huge boulder blocking your way. If you're like some people, you might start going, "Oh no! What am I going to do? I can't get around this, it's too big." The more you go on and on about the problem, the more you generate the negative emotions and the bigger the boulder looks. You might even add things like, "Why does this always happen to me? It never fails."


But suppose your fairy godmother comes along and lifts you up so you can get an entirely different view of the path. The higher she takes you, the more you get out of the emotions and the more options appear. In fact, there is a way around the boulder. You just have to go about it in a different way.


This is what happens when we pull out of the negative emotions and let our "higher" mind take over. Be doing this we can tap into the Unified Field and gain even greater resources to solve the issue.


In order to tap into the Unified Field, certain beliefs or assumptions need to be in place. The 1st is that there is a Unified Field of energy. Modern science has now declared the existence of a unified energy field that connects everyone and everything. At the quanta level our world is a sea of atoms bouncing off each other creating us and the physical world we call reality.


Second assumption or belief is that there is a Unified Consciousness. As we are all beings of energy connected together, then we are also connected through consciousness. Something is holding it all together: a greater consciousness. Some call it God, others Buddha or Great Spirit. They are all speaking of the same thing.


Third is that we are the creators of our world. On a basic level this means our world today is as it is due to choices we've made in the past and how we respond right now. We can choose to go down into the pit or we can do something about it.


If you choose to accept these assumptions, then you can use specific techniques to get out of the pit of emotions when an issue comes up in your life. You can tap into greater forces to find answers and resources.


One of my favorites is to write to my Higher Self. I believe that in each of us is a direct connection to Divine Spirit—our Higher Self. In the ancient art and science of Huna, the Hawaiian shamans believed we had 3 selves: the lower self (Ego or reactive mind), middle self(Active or conscious mind) and the Higher Self. (Sounds like Freud and the id, ego and Superego.)


Here are 6 tips to hear the Divine Guidance of your Higher Self:


1.)        Know What The Issue Is and What You Want:

            It's important that you understand and can state the issue

            you're having as well as the opposite side. Get very clear

            with the details of both " sides of the coin."



2.)        Get Quiet:

            Find a place where you won't be disturbed. You'll want to

            have pen and paper with you. Get comfortable and allow

            yourself to relax. Remember, right now you're okay. Every-

            thing is fine—you're alive, you're breathing, it's alright.

             Begin to focus on your breath and allow your breathing to

            deepen. You might want to start with some deep cleansing



3.)        Writing As A Magical Act:

            As you relax, pick up your pen and begin writing a letter to

            your Higher Self. Start with: "Dear Higher Self,


            Then explain the situation and how you would like it instead.

            Be sure you write in depth and from your heart. Write as

            If you are talking with someone who loves you unconditionally

            and wants only the best for you.


4.)        Ask for Guidance:

            Finish by asking for guidance and assistance. Promise you

            will stay open to receiving the guidance and will act on it



5.)        Express Gratitude and Appreciation:

            At the end, ask that your Higher Self make it a reality and

            Then express appreciation for the fulfillment of your request.

            Sign and date it.


6.)        Pay Attention:

            From this moment on, it is crucial you Pay Attention! You

            may get ideas, flashes of inspiration or you may see things

            that give you ideas. Watch carefully for coincidences. Be sure

            you take action on what you receive.


You will be amazed at the results of this technique. I have taught this to clients only to have them call me within 24 hours to exclaim over the resolution of their problem.



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