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Successful NLP How-To



How to Generate a Successful NLP Practice  

A personalized program to help you be a successful NLP Coach!

Yay!!! You got certified as an NLP coach. Now what?

You’re certified as an NLP coach and you’ve got your business cards. You’ve even hung your shingle but you’re not making the income that your trainer alluded to in the training!

You’ve told everyone you know and practiced on your friends and family until they are running when you approach. You also probably tried everything you can think of to get clients……..to no avail.

Unfortunately, this is common with grads of NLP.

You get all excited and why not? NLP is a great tool to assist others in making changes in themselves and their lives.

You probably started out wanting to help others as it has helped you. And of course, everyone is going to want to do some coaching with you. Right?

            Not exactly!

What you’re not taught in a typical NLP training is:

  • The nuts and bolts of creating a successful NLP practice
  • How to get known
  • What to actually do when you get those clients in front of you

(Sure it’s pretty easy in the training to make changes since

you’re practicing on each other. But when, a client walks in,

tells you what’s wrong and you’re going (in your head) “Now

what do I do? What technique fits for this?”) you better know what to do!)

Sound familiar?

                                                                                           I was there.

I took my NLP training in 1996 and did the accelerated version of Practitioner and Master Practitioner. Nine months later I took the Trainer’s Training and then joined the Master Trainer Program.

I was so excited to get out there and practice. During that first year of opening my practice, I was scared and unsure of myself and my skills. I just wasn’t sure what to do and when.

It was then I realized that I hadn’t developed a left-brain conscious and right brain unconscious integration of the material. It was too much, too fast.

So I did the only thing I could think of….I tore apart the material, listened to tapes and other trainers over and over, studied everything I could get my hands on and assisted every chance I got.

During my first 5 years, I assisted at one or more Practitioner and Master Practitioner programs a year, taught at upper level metaphysical workshops, co-trained with other trainers as well as did my best to create a coaching and training company.

I finally got the material but I still wasn’t sure how to run a successful practice.


I’m going to let you in on a little unknown secret of the NLP world.

See, here’s the deal---most trainers of NLP have never run a successful NLP practice. They get the Master level training, go on to Trainers Training (just like I did) and then they start training NLP certification programs.

Sure, they may see a client here and there. Usually from the student body of the training and that’s a slam dunk, because that student is already set and primed for change due to the workshop.

Seldom do they see clients on a regular basis. Therefore, they really can’t teach you how to run a successful practice.


After 16 years of running a successful business and mentoring my students, I want to bring the information and tricks to other practitioners who are struggling.

Running an NLP practice is different than other coaching practices for several reasons:

  • Most people don’t know what NLP is!
  • How do you sell the invisible?
  • Your clients are used to typical psychological or psychiatric sessions. You often hear: “You can do that? That fast! Really?”

And, unless you’ve actually done it, you don’t know what you’re talking about!

You have to be able to use the skills you’ve learned in a different way. There are very specific techniques you need to be using to:

  • Find your clients!
  • Get the client to say yes from the first interview.
  • Learn how to “smoke out” the clients who actually have secondary gain and have no real intention of changing.
  • Make the experience so fantastic that your client tells all their friends about you.
  • Have your clients come back to you for years whenever something in their lives comes up.
  • Quickly figure out the best approach for their issue

There are lots of programs out there and they’ll tell you that you can earn up to $3000.00 a month with your N.L.P. Coaching practice. How many of you can live on $3000.00 a month without a second job or income? I couldn’t!!

Here’s another secret: It’s possible to earn $6000.00 and more in just a few months, when you learn the proper way to run your practice. And you don’t have to do the “hours for dollars” bit either.


I’ve designed a Step-by-Step 3-month program to enable you to put your NLP skills to work in a coaching/therapeutic practice. This is a full-on support and accountability program so that you can immediately begin seeing clients while honing in on your “dream” practice.


This is also a personalized one on one program between you and me. We work with your level and skills to create your “dream” practice.

I teach you:

  • What To Do
  • When To Do It
  • How To Do It

What’s included?

A coaching practice can be broken down into three segments:

The Nuts and bolts:

  • Creating a step-by-step plan to make your dream a reality—If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there!
  • Forms & Paperwork—what do you legally have to have and what do you need to protect yourself.
  • Getting an office…..yes or no
  • Business cards
  • Flyers—what to put on them and where to put them
  • Websites—do you need one and what to put on it
  • Blogs—is it worth the effort
  • Email marketing

You as a Coach

  • The Head Game—this is probably the most important aspect—moving past any beliefs you have about your abilities to create the coaching business of your dreams
  • What you do best inventory
  • Finding your “niche”—what is your special gift and who needs it.
  • Your elevator speech---how to “talk” N.L.P.
  • Speaking before groups
  • Creating your talk—a simple format you can use to talk on any issue, even if it’s last minute.
  • What to charge and how to get it
  • Building a referral based practice--this is the key to never having to market
  • Spreading the word
  • The language to talk to anyone about your service and get them to listen with enthusiasm.
  • The Five Step Sales Process—how to sell to anyone
  • How to sell your services without seeming to sell.

Your Clients:

  • The Coach’s Toolbox
  • Who is your ideal client and how to find them.
  • Criteria for high probability coaching clients
  • What to do….step by step when you see a client
  • What to do when you don’t know what to do
  • How to coach a client to get results
  • How to get referrals
  • The “Free” Getting To Know You” Interview process
  • Who should you work with and who should you refer out?

In these 3 months we cover everything you ever needed to know to start an N.L.P. practice.

This is a very personalized program. When we speak on the phone, we will discuss the things that are most crucial to YOUR success as a coach. Each one of us is unique. Some are great at marketing, others at speaking. This program is designed so that it is personalized for you!

Studies show that having someone who will make you accountable increases you chances of success. Starting a new practice can be confusing as well as overwhelming. So why recreate the wheel? 

You’ll get the information you need to get started and the ongoing support you need to make it the practice of your dreams.

During the 3 months you will receive:

  • Coaching and planning call every other week (1-2 hrs.)
  • Unlimited emails
  • Copies of all forms and agreements for your use
  • Assessment worksheets
  • Questionnaires
  • All materials needed to design your practice and to work with a client

I'm offering a special pricing of $1750.00 for this package.

Call or email me to schedule a consultation!

PLEASE NOTE – The Coaching Practice Program cannot and does not guarantee you will achieve a specific income. Nothing is a promise or guarantee of your future earnings. The materials taught and used are intended to help you share your message and gift with others.

As stipulated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with the ideas, information, tools or strategies presented.



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