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N.L.P w/ Spirit© (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
A revolutionary new approach to N.L.P

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Module I Communication Bytes©


Module II Creating Success with Yourself & Others

Module III Creating Choices and Therapeutic Techniques TBA
Module IV Basic Interventions TBA
Time Restructuring Techniques & Hypnosis TBA

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Detailed Summary

Something has always been missing in N.L.P. trainings – the 4th dimension of man – Spirit. Man is a holistic being and we’ve left out the most important element. N.L.P. w/Spirit© is a marriage of the latest advances in mind discoveries, quantum physics and the ancient knowledge of spirit and energy. Leaving out any one of these leaves the student or client unbalanced.


Much of N.L.P. has been considered manipulative. The one piece that takes N.L.P. out of the “control” paradigm has been missing – that piece is Spirit.


Now N.L.P. w/Spirit© brings into N.L.P. the bridge between Spirit and man to work with the whole being. N.L.P. w/Spirit© brings in the element of integrity and working for the highest good of all concerned.


As well as using the tools of N.L.P., we’ve added an entirely new realm of working with the self or others utilizing the energy of the universe—the force that runs between us.


  • Want to take an N.L.P. training that treats man/woman as a holistic being?
  • Want to make a real difference in your life or in others?
  • Want to fully grasp and understand how the Universal Laws work so you can be, do and have whatever you choose? 

  • Want to take your previous training in N.L.P. to a whole new level? 

Then this is the training you’ve been waiting for.


Time Restructuring Techniques and Hypnosis:

What is you could let go of stored up feelings of anger, sadness or hurt? Or if you could go back in time to the moment when you decided that you weren’t good enough? What if you could restructure your brain to release past hurts and sabotaging behaviors so that you could respond to people and situations from a place of strength and empowerment?

Using Time Restructuring Techniques™all this is possible. In this module, you will learn how to assist your client or yourself in utilizing the brain’s ability to activate neuro circuits and release the trapped emotions which can create emotional, mental or physical issues.  

Hypnosis Certification Level I: From Mesmer to Erickson: A powerful vehicle for personal change. Combined with N.L.P., it gives you added tools to totally transform yourself and your client.


N.L.P. with Spirit©

World-renowned trainer in N.L.P., metaphysics, shamanism and energy, Debra Fentress is launching a whole new approach to N.L.P.


N.L.P. with Spirit©!


What you will learn and Certifications

Specific N.L.P. skills covered:

            Sensory Acuity



            Representational Systems


            Language Patterns




            Basic Interventions






NLP w/Spirit© has been broken down into four modules with grouped techniques and skills. The modules can be taken together or separately. The modules are as follows:

Module I: Communication Bytes
Module II: Creating Success with Yourself & Others
Module III: Creating Choices and Therapeutic Techniques
Module IV: Basic Interventions

Time Restructuring Techniques & Hypnosis*

Want to become a Life Change Catalyst? Take all four N.L.P. Modules as well as the Time Restructuring Techniques & Hypnosis weekend to become certified as a Life Change Catalyst, N.L.P. Practitioner and Hypnotherapist.

** If you choose to be certified as a Practitioner of N.L.P. by the American Board of N.L.P.you will need to add the certification fee of $150.00 USD to your total.

If your an NLP graduate and want to take either of these trainings to gain the new information, you can get in at a Special Rate! Email me here or call for more information (818) 422-2474.


NLP w/Spirit© Date  Total Investment**  
NLP w/Spirit©




To receive the early registration discount, payment in full must be received by July 3, 2010. Senior citizens, full-time students, couples and groups of three or more will receive a 10% discount.

** Payment plans available. Please email or call us at (818) 422-2474 (USA) for more information.



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