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"I started working with Debra initially to resolve a long term issue that I had been struggling with. It was an issue that had me running around in circles with no sign of an exit! From the very first conversation we had I felt very safe (emotionally) to explore the issue and the depths of it, even the bits that were at first a little scary. Debra’s expertise, guidance and skills really impressed me but more importantly enabled me to resolve the issue I had carried for over 30 years in a very short period of time. I had attempted to resolve this before with other people but never quite got there, this time we got down to the very root of the problem.

During the programme she gave me the time I needed to process the changes that were happening within and I never felt rushed. I always felt safe and the experience overall was really enjoyable and often fun.

Having trained in some of the techniques that Debra uses I was blown away by how exquisitely she applied the skills and techniques that she has. Already in the fields of NLP and Coaching I have come across people who have promised big things, Debra is the only one in my experience who has truly delivered.

As a very happy client I am now planning on doing her training courses as the knowledge, skill level, and integrity she demonstrated are in my view second to none.

Thanks so much,
Paul Barlow


"I think of you often and am truly grateful for our time together. Because of you, I am now living a dream of working with amazing horses and rescue people. So thank you!"



"The impact that you had on me is hard for me to put in words, or better yet too many to even begin. But just to name a few:

You helped me open myself up to the gifts I was born with and for some reason had blocked.
You helped me to know that its ok to say No and also to be able to let go of people that pretended to be my friends but in reality were very passive aggressive and manipulating me.

You helped me to want better and know that if I go for something and it doesn't work, just try another way just don't give up and that sometimes we do have to close our eyes and jump.

But most importantly you have showed me to have a Voice and that what I have to say is important and does count, something that I have never been able to do or was allowed to do. Also I have always helped other people be successful with my ideals but now I’m going to learn how I can be successful with my ideals and get the credit for them too."



"After our meetings, I feel like I’m headed in the right direction. I’ve been wandering aimlessly for years and ignoring what truly matters to me, what excites me. It’s something that I had no clue how to navigate but finding my true purpose in life was always on my mind.

My dream has always been to do what I love. I never thought it was possible. I feel like I have finally been guided onto the right path.

I can’t wait to start this new chapter in my life."

Samantha W.


"I went to see Debra at a time when allergies and depression dominated by life.  With incredible skill and patience Debra led me through an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) session that was truly an amazing experience.  She took me down pathways and through problem resolutions that I didn't think were possible.  I now feel more peaceful and positive and have gained invaluable skills and insights.

I am immensely impressed by Debra and NLP and forever grateful to her for her talent as a therapist and extensive knowledge and warmth."


"I know myself better now that I ever have and I can see that I'm manifesting the things I want."
JM, Los Angeles, USA 


"My life has improved to a degree I never thought possible."
TL, Marina Del Rey, USA 
"I thank God I came across you. I was heading down a deep dark road and that road doesn't exist anymore!" LB, Los Angeles, USA
"I have had so much come to me since I have seen you and I want to thank you for your help."
RW, San Diego USA
Wow! I knew I would get a lot out of the workshop - but I got more than expected! Debra, you are a great leader, full of knoowledge, insight and fun! This would be a better world if more people had this training!
I am so happy with the breakthroughs and experiences this weekend. I have been working towards a goal for six years and finally realize what was stopping me! I am so very excited about my future! It is so amazing to finally know what was stopping me and to let it go!
Deep releases attained. Areas appeared that I did not realize were there. Clear instruction and excellent support. I feel this training provides qualtiy tools that are easy to understand and work with. It has the potential to open the Universe to you with the true release of limiting beliefs.


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